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Yoga & Sound Event @ Lotus Living Arts Studio

Yoga & Sound Event @ Lotus Living Arts Studio
Ashlyn and Austin will be leading you on an internal and external journey of your being. They will guide you inside of yourself through an all levels chakra yoga flow with live sound. The class will wrap up with a gentle restorative yoga flow including sound healing and a 15 minute savasana. $25 before day of event $30 day of THE BASICS Feel the vibrations of crystal singing bowls, a gong, flutes, didjeridoo, drums, voice, and more. Entering into meditative states of consciousness gives the body the opportunity to transcend the physical, mental, and emotional limitations. Feel free to bring your own bolsters, pillows, blankets, water bottles, and anything else that will leave you content. --------- Once expanded, you will have access to inner wisdom and to activate your innate healing capacity. You may also gain insight, be inspired, release stress, quiet the mind, dissolve limiting beliefs, encourage positive change, open the heart, and so much more! WHY YOGA? Yoga means Union. The practice of yoga is the path of self-discovery by bringing the mind, body and soul into union. Its the practice of focusing on the here & now, being present. It is in the present moment where we can find our power, our freedom & happiness. We spend so much of our time living in the past, worried about something that already happened or longing for the future, ready for ht next thing and this creates suffering. The physical practice of yoga (asana) is not only a work out but a work in. When we start to tune in to whats happening inside instead of constantly being plugged in to everything going on around us (phones, computers, tv, social media, etc.) we tap into the present, into a deep sense of self-awareness, in to our personal power & heal worn out patterns and behaviors that cause suffering. Yoga heals the mind, body, and soul and can therefore alleviate stress, anxiety, mood swings, sleeping disorders, digestive issues, high blood pressure, arthritis, limited range of motion, hand-eye coordination, tension in both mind and body, etc. WHY SOUND? The tonal properties of these instruments promote healing of the nervous system, digestive and metabolic systems, and of the physical body as the brainwaves slow down to meditative and deeply restful states through a scientific process called entrainment. This immersive environment of tone and vibration eases participants into a state of relaxation in which the brainwaves slow down to the Theta rhythm (the first stage of sleep). Deep healing can take place in this state. Sound therapy is highly effective at providing relief for chronic pain, digestive issues, insomnia, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, hearts disease, trauma, depression, anxiety and cancer treatment therapies. The benefits of this therapy can be received regardless of the recipients ability to hear sound.


Cost: $25 pre-registered / $30 day of


Lotus Living Arts Studio
30 Union Street, South
Concord, NC 28025

For more information: aomiller1@outlook.com


Event date: 12/1/2018 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Export event


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