(revised 7/15/2013)

The Concord Downtown Development Corporation offers five grant programs to assist both property owners and business owners in improving the visual quality of their buildings, signs, and interior spaces. These grant funds are part of an annual budgeting process and are subject to renewal each year.

In all cases:

  • The grants must be matched dollar for dollar with private sector funds.
  • The grants are a reimbursement, the project must be paid for in full by the applicant and receipts presented for reimbursement.
  • The project must be approved by the CDDC PRIOR to the start of any work or in the case of the sign and awning grants the purchase of a sign or awning.
  • Prior to submitting an application, the applicant must contact the City of Concord Planning and Neighborhood Development Department to confirm the work described in the application meets the Center City Design Ordinance.
  • All work must be completed and paid for in full within twelve months of the approval of the grant application.
  • The project location must be within the boundaries of Downtown Concord's Municipal Service District. 


Grant applications may be obtained by calling the CDDC's office at 704-784-4208 or emailing 



Applications are received throughout the year while unallocated funds are available.


JUMP-START GRANT - $1500 maximum

The Jump-Start Grant Program was created to encourage the location of businesses in specific categories to the Municipal Service District of downtown Concord. The grant is a one-time reimbursable matching grant in an amount up to $1,500 which may be used to assist in interior building improvements and other start-up expenses related to opening the business. The categories of business types targeted are as follows:

  • Books
  • Apparel/Accessories
  • Home Furnishings/Accessories
  • Restaurants
  • Drug Stores
  • Sporting Goods
  • Hobby, Toy, Games
  • Grocer
  • Artisan Studios/Galleries
  • Other unique businesses may be considered


SIGN GRANT - $350 maximum

The Sign Grant Program was designed to assist business owners in the design and funding of signage for downtown businesses. Funds may be used for the signage that includes the business name, street address, hours of operation and other such secondary business information. 

AWNING GRANT - $1000 maximum

The Awning Grant Program was designed to assist business owners in the design and funding of awnings for Downtown businesses. Funds may be used for awnings that includes the business name and street address on the valance. The grant will not be approved for awnings where the business name and/or logo is prominently placed anywhere except the valance. 


The Restoration & Beautification Grant Program was created to encourage practical, but architecturally appropriate design of downtown building façade renovations located within the Municipal Service District (MSD) and served by Concord Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC). Only exterior improvement projects are eligible. 

UPPER FLOOR GRANT- $2500 maximum

The Upper Floor Grant Program was created to encourage investment in renovating and restoring upper floors of buildings within the Municipal Service District of downtown Concord. High priority is placed on expanding the usefulness of downtown properties for office and residential use. 



The Venue Improvement Grant provides funding for interior improvements to venue spaces within the MSD. Improvements covered by this grant include plumbing, mechanical, and electrical improvements to support expanded capacity and uses, technology infrastructure that is permanently installed (must stay in the space if the tenant leaves), and reconfiguration of the space to enhance its functionality. 


OUTSIDE DINING GRANT - $1175 maximum ($175 fee plus $1000 of improvements)

The Outside Dining Grant  assists property/business owners in the permitting and funding of year-round outside dining (as weather allows) directly adjacent to their property/business. The grant pays for 100% of the cost of the City of Concord Sidewalk Encroachment Application fee (if applicable). The grant may also be used for physical permanent improvements to property made specifically for the purpose of developing outside dining, with a grant that covers 50% of the cost of the improvements up to a maximum grant of $1000. Furnishings (tables, chairs, umbrellas, and removable materials used to cordon off the dining area) are not considered permanent improvements.



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