The Historic Concord Preservation Trust (HCPT) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that supports the revitalization and preservation of the historic integrity of the Downtown Concord Municipal Service District (MSD) through the receipt of funds.  These funds may be used for free events that expose the broader community to Downtown Concord, for restoring properties and significant amenities in the MSD, and for visual and cultural improvements to both buildings and objects.

Past Projects

Contractual Arrangement with the CDDC

The HCPT contracts with the Concord Downtown Development Corporation for the following services:

  • Use of CDDC office space for meetings
  • Use of CDDC post office box for receipt of mail
  • Basic banking and bookkeeping services, to include recording and depositing of receipts, writing and signing of checks (requires a two-party signature), maintenance of HCPT checking account, updating of checking account signatory card, and coordination with local CPA to prepare and file annual IRS tax reports
  • Meeting staff support, to include notification of meetings, preparation of meeting agenda, preparation and distribution of meeting packets, recordation and distribution of meeting minutes, and other staff services as needed to support the mission of the HCPT
  • Promotion of the HCPT on the CDDC's website  

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