The CDDC utilizes social media as a marketing tool, as a means to meet economic vitality strategies, and as a way to promote businesses within the MSD.

The CDDC social media accounts provide an open forum for communication. It is not the CDDC’s practice to police its social media accounts to the point of removing content, including posts that may be perceived as negative or offensive by someone else.

 The CDDC may remove posts per Board Decision:

              Negative commenting towards the CDDC:

The CDDC does not remove negative comments. When a negative comment is posted towards the CDDC and is deemed something that can be resolved, staff may respond by asking the individual to send a private message with their concerns.  If it is beyond the CDDC’s control, the staff will let the comment lie without taking any action. The CDDC has built a loyal following on social media that often comes to its defense if the post is an unreasonable complaint or an issue that the CDDC cannot influence.

              Negative commenting between social media users:

The CDDC leaves it up to the individual user to report directly to social media sites any issues they feel they are having with another user. Users have tools where they can remove their comment, block the other user, report a user, etc.

Negative commenting towards an MSD business:

The CDDC will not remove.

Often the CDDC posts with the most reach are the ones that generate a larger degree of bickering amongst users. Removing such a post would only negatively impact the CDDC’s marketing efforts, without making a significant impact on the individual social media user(s).

Many times we make a call to the public for feedback or an opinion. This is where we also can experience an uptick in comments on the post. Making a call to the public and then shutting down a response would discourage future participation.

The CDDC will, if requested by an MSD business, share their post that promotes their products, services, or events. This is not an official endorsement by our organization, rather simply a sharing of a post from a business within our MSD. This holds true for our Friends of Downtown Concord.

CDDC reserves the right to remove anything we believe to be offensive.

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